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Jumpstart Scholarship Program


This innovative program is designed to help academically motivated immigrant/refugees and other non-native English speakers successfully transition into college.  A collaborative effort of Highline's ESL, English and Reading departments, Jumpstart provides upper-level ESL students the chance to attend one quarter of developmental college classes free of charge, with COMPASS writing test score requirements waived.  Each quarter, 8-10 participants are selected through a competive application process based on academic skills, motivation, and long-term goals and resources for pursuing college studies.  Selected students are then integrated into mainstream (non-ESL) English 91 and Reading 81/91 with regular paying students, as well as a supplemental ESL Support Seminar taught by Highline's ESL faculty.  Tuition and book costs are subsidized by the College.


  •  Jumpstart helps students succeed!  Nearly 60% of Jumpstart students remain in college after their Jumpstart scholarship has ended, successfully taking classes and earning credits each quarter, compared to only 20% of non-Jumpstart ESL students.  We are continuing to track the progress of participants.
  • Jumpstart improves our teaching and our classroom dynamics.  By having Jumpstart students integrated into our developmental Reading/Writing classes, faculty have the opportunity to develop teaching strategies for better serving non-native English speaking populations.  Jumpstart students also demonstrate high levels of academic performance and participation in mainstream courses - and faculty consistently report that this boosts the overall quality and dynamic of the classroom environment.
  • Jumpstart benefits the community.  By helping to create a more educated and English-proficient workforce, Jumpstart aims to have a positive, long-term impact on our immediate surrounding community.

Contact Information

Contact Jumpstart co-coordinators Bevin Taylor (ESL faculty) or Monica LeMoine (English faculty) for more information.