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Course description:  ENGL 91: Prep College Writing I

The following is a description of ENGL 91:  Prep College Writing I

Course description

This course reviews the fundamentals of English sentence structure, usage, and punctuation and provides practice in these areas. Students also will study and practice writing paragraphs and essays, achieving unity, and developing ideas which are clearly and concisely expressed in topic and thesis sentences. Students who pass five credits of ENGL 091 with a 2.0 or better should be able to succeed in ENGL 101.

Course outcomes

By the end of the quarter, students earning a 2.0 or above will be able to

  1. Draft and revise essays that are focused, developed, and organized.
  2. Summarize a piece of reading.
  3. Successfully apply ideas and strategies from course readings in their own essays.
  4. Write paragraphs and essays that utilize a variety of thinking/writing skills toward specific purposes such as description, summary, narration, analysis, among others.
  5. Define and avoid plagiarism by distinguishing their own words from those of sources.
  6. Respond critically and constructively to the essays of published writers and fellow students.
  7. Identify the key error patterns that appear in their written work and edit their writing successfully.
  8. Effectively apply problem solving skills to address challenges and revise their own writing successfully.
  9. Analyze, in writing, their strengths and weaknesses as writers and their goals and needs for future writing projects.
  10. Use the word processor on the computer to effectively revise and edit essays and paragraphs.