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English 81

Course description:  ENGL 81: Writing Skills

The following is a description of ENGL 81:  Writing Skills

Course description (ENGL 81 for Non-Native Speakers)

Writing Skills II is a course designed for students who need focused work on the non-native patterns in their writing in order to prepare them in terms of language and rhetorical skills for English 91/98. The course focuses on producing multi-paragraph responses to assignments and constructing effective complex sentences using clauses and phrases effectively as well as coordination and subordination. The course also focuses on students fine-tuning their use of English sentence patterns and editing for non-native errors, specifically in terms of articles and plural(s), prepositions, word choice problems, verb tense errors and coordination and subordination.

Course outcomes

By the end of the quarter, students earning a 2.0 or above will be able to:

  • Effectively analyze and follow an instructors' assignment/homework directions.
  • Produce multi-paragraph responses to assignments on specific topics.
  • Develop paragraphs with clear focus, support and organization.
  • Develop thinking/writing skills related to coherence, developing ideas, and patterns of thought.
  • Construct effective sentences with phrases, independent and dependent clauses.
  • Refine use of coordination and subordination so that connections/conjunctions are logical.
  • Develop flexibility with diction in order to distinguish between informal/conversational and formal writing and use them appropriately.
  • Edit for sentence boundary problems, specifically related to run-ons and sentence fragments
  • Edit for verb tense issues related to precision, active and passive tense, and tense consistency.
  • Edit for word choice issues, specifically those related to precision, complexity and spelling/usage.
  • Edit minor errors effectively for clearer syntax appropriate for academic English.
  • Edit effectively for errors with coordination and subordination.
  • Edit effectively for verb tense errors and refine use of verb tense, specifically related to more complex verb phrases and irregular verbs
  • Edit for minor word choice problems, specifically those related to vocabulary and parts of speech confusion
  • Edit for errors in noun usage: articles and plural(s)
  • Edit for preposition errors (missing or incorrect choice)